Useful School will be located in McKinney, TX and serve students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. In addition to rigorous academic instruction in the traditional school subjects, we will be teaching and discussing subjects which students will find very useful throughout their lives, and which many current schools ignore. Our curriculum will thus include:

  • A strong foundation in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and other academic subjects. We will generally be following the Texas TEKS academic curriculum.
  • Critical thinking and debate skills, so they can evaluate new information
  • Basic psychology, emotional intelligence so they can understand themselves and others, and make wise choices in life
  • Personal finance and financial literacy
  • Media literacy, so they can make objective decisions about advertisements etc.
  • Household maintenance - how to cook, clean, iron, maintain household appliances, use the computer, maintain a car etc
  • How to look up information when it is needed (Internet, Library)
  • Vigorous classroom discussions about moral, political and current issues
  • Reasons behind our laws (why not steal?)
  • Basic knowledge of how manmade objects work in the world (as described in books such as 'How Stuff Works')
  • Extensive use of the Socratic method of instruction, where we use group discussion to teach
  • Self directed study / research in an area of individual interest.
  • Plenty of physical activity in the form of sports and Physical Education
  • Basic physical self defense
  • Extensive career discussion. We will also have speakers from all different professions, businessmen, investors, etc. will be invited to speak. Students may not be prepared to make a career choice at this point in their lives, but we intend to get them thinking about some of their options

Religious Affiliation

We are a secular school, and we welcome students of all faiths and no faith. While we will not be providing faith based instruction, or promoting one religion over another, we will be having many in class discussions that will involve issues of morality; we fully expect the student's religious views to shape his opinions, and we encourage the student to express them


We project tuition will be about $1000/month


We are planning the class schedule to run from 9am-5pm, with the last period(s) set aside for the students to do their assignments, with teachers available to help. We will also be checking up on students' progress individually at this time. We do not anticipate assigning homework for the most part.

Gifted and Talented

All students will be challenged with optional advanced assignments, which will be discussed outside of regular class time. We also intend to pair advanced students with college professors doing research. There will be no single blanket test to restrict access to advanced courses as there are in some school districts 


We are planning to start classes in the Fall of 2017

Founder's Story

My name is Sam Banerjee and I am a business owner in McKinney, TX. I have an educational background in Math, Physics and Engineering, and three children in public school. I was driven to start Useful School because I realized that so much of the formal education I was given turned out to be useless to me, whereas a lot of things that would have helped me make better decisions were not taught.I believe we can do so much better by our children, and in doing so also create a place where they will want to go to.